Is fostering Security awareness futile?

Information security professionals, highly believe that one of the greatest threats to information security within the organizations come from their own employees. It is not always the actions of outsiders that cause harm; also the actions of the uninformed users have been noted to be one of the major sources of computer-related loss and the most dangerous factor in insuring the security of organizations’ valuable resources since they are familiar with the infrastructure.

How uninformed users can do harm?

The harm can be done by unintentionally using an infected USB drive, visiting websites infected with malware, using social media and open harmful links, downloading illegal or pirated software, responding to phishing emails, leaving their passwords displayed on their desks, sharing passwords with their friends or using weak ones, connecting personal devices to their work PC, or even giving out sensitive information over the phone.

What computer users should know?

Most of the organizations’ employees are in need of understanding the basic terms of information security. For instance, threats, types and names of those threats, what are the financial and reputation damages they can cause, from where they come, how they know that their computers are probably infected and how to react seriously in case of any security incident.

How to change the employees’ behavior?

Changing the employees’ behaviors will definitely help organizations to add another layer of security to their existing measures. In order to change their state of security information from uninformed to informed users, organizations need to institute a computer security program which includes Policy Enforcement, Best Practices, and Security Awareness. However, Any policy or procedure deployment would not be effective if it’s not followed by proper awareness training because employees can’t adhere to something of which they are unaware.

How we can help you?

We help organizations create and write security policies, deploy best information technology practices and raise the security awareness among their employees; this is provided through our interactive training sessions that will empower users with the security know-how to help protect organizations’ business from growing security risks.