Risk Management

Accurate Risk Analysis is a critical skill, so IT security professionals should hold themselves to a higher standard on judging risks. Effective security management requires risk management  that includes a strong understanding of the organization objectives,  the risk tolerance of the organization, the costs of  implementing the safeguards,

and the benefits to the business.

Acme S&A Engineering has a team of security professionals who would provide any organization  with a  Risk analysis  study which includes the Risk Analysis Matrix, Annualized Loss Expectancy, Asset Value, Exposure Factor, Single Loss Expectancy, Annual Rate of Occurrence, annualized Loss Expectancy, Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment. The detailed  risk assessment report would help the senior management to determine which level of risk is acceptable and what  security solution should be implemented to protect the assets. 

The Acme S&A Engineering team has also the required experience to help you drafting  the  procedure, standards, guidelines and baselines components that support the implementation of security policies.