Network security

Nowadays, the Telecommunications becomes an essential part of  our life. Data in motion, online banking, e-mails, instant messaging, remote meetings and many other technologies that we use in our daily basis activities rely on telecommunications; the same applied to organizations as networks become the central nervous system controlling both the physical and logical elements of the business. Fortunately, the internet provides us with cheap global communication, but with no or little built-in security which puts us under threat.

The network is considered as the most technically deep domain and the most valuable component supporting the objective of the information security; it is therefore paramount to implement a strong network security architecture that addresses all the fundamental concepts and technologies to build a secure system.

Main concepts, networking hardware and technologies are:

  • Network architecture and Design which includes the defense-in depth strategy to be implemented that weigh between complexity and cost with the required security benefits.
  • Network devices and protocols which include switches, routers, firewalls (packet filter, stateful and Proxy), intrusion detection systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), endpoint security (antivirus, encryption and application whitelisting).
  • Secure Communication includes authentication protocols, VPN, VOIP, Wireless network, RFID and Remote access technology.


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